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  1. shit happens.

    that particular feeling where you’d rather slack all day long? then 30 seconds later his face comes rushing in your thought like a bullet train? his gentle voice, resounds “*chuckles* i love you” ; yes, those words should have faintly disappeared but it’s like ,imprinted through my mind.He was the type of guy that i’ve decided to never let go, never hurt and take for granted. though didn’t expect that the tables would turn and i unconsciously do everything that i hoped to not doing.this is like fucking unbarring! i’m gonna see him this july. duh!? can i stop school? please..

  2. falcuntpunch:

God, yes.


    God, yes.

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  4. Admit it,you love him so much you Facebook stalk him, overthink your status in case he reads them & look at his photos several times a day.

    lol! that hits the spot!

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  5. epiphanyofcamemi said: claui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're back ^~^ kamusta ka na?! at least nasa fb tayo :D

    i’m fine… thank you… a little bit stressed… :3 … but okay lang… ikaw..?

  6. so cute!!

    so cute!!

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  7. thepoorprince-deactivated201102 said: LOL means you don't need the anon button. Hehehe. Thank you very much! :D


  8. it’s like seeing an angel with no intent,just roam and display her beauty…

    it’s like seeing an angel with no intent,just roam and display her beauty…

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